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It’s clear that businesses today are continuing to face an unprecedented level of threat that goes beyond simple malware protection and antivirus software, as cyber-criminals become more adept at identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in networks. At the same time, advances in technology, specifically deep learning, will arm businesses with new weapons to bolster their security infrastructure and stay secure in the fight against cyber-criminals.

Traditional approaches to network monitoring rely on feeding historical data into a learning algorithm, so that the system understands what’s considered “bad” and can flag future occurrences to security teams accordingly.

The problem with this approach is that it restricts an organisation’s ability to identify activity that’s not been seen before, meaning any new threats can slip through the net. With cyber-criminals constantly evolving their methods and collaborating with each other to find innovative ways of causing damage, businesses need network monitoring solutions that can keep up.

The power of deep learning to analyse complex situations with a level of detail impossible with traditional approaches, opens new possibilities to tackle cyber-threats previously unseen that try to hide behind the noise of business activities.

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